DreamNow is a charitable organization that produces ideas that do good for the world.

As a producer, we bring together people, raise money and plan for the growth of ideas that we believe will do good for the world. We are a charity but some of the ideas we help grow are social enterprises while others are more traditional such as research programs.

What We Work On

Born out of the projects we have chosen, the places we have worked and the people with whom we have worked, the list of questions below is an articulation of our beliefs, motivations and strategies which we consult each time we decide to dedicate ourselves to answering a new question.

Will it do good for the world?

We want to do good. We want to improve this world and help people to do more, be more, and live in a way that our children's children will appreciate.

Is it something that is presently an impossibility?

We want to tackle issues that people presently see as impossible due to either firmly entrenched assumptions or the fact that no one has asked the right questions. We want to make the impossible possible.

Is it being addressed already?

We want to work on projects that are not already being worked on by thousands of people. We want to work on small, niche issues that are often overlooked and where there is the potential for tremendous impact.

Is it cool?

We want to work on projects that we would consider cool when we were 12 years old.

What is the potential impact?

We want to work on projects that have the potential to 'blow up'. Our ideas must have the potential to scale and must be ground breaking.

Is it a simple idea?

We want our ideas and answers to be simple. They have to make sense. We don't want to have to explain why our projects are innovative.

Does it have the potential to make money?

We want to have access to the resources, time and people that will enable us to do more good. We will run charitable programs that are self-sustaining, we will create products that sell and we will create services that fund us to continue doing what we like, whether it be non-profit or for-profit.