DreamNow has partnered with YouCan to provide follow up from their 2006 and 2007 ResolveIt! Conferences. YOUCAN is an organization focused on youth-led initiatives in non-violent conflict resolution and violence prevention, both nationally and internationally.

Motivate Canada

DreamNow has partnered with Motivate Canada to provide follow-up for their Activate and Activate Connections program. The ACTIVATE program provides youth with the opportunity to bring social change and sport together.

The Canadian Millennium Scholarship Foundation

DreamNow has partnered with the Millennium Scholarship Foundation and Alumni Network in order to provide follow-up for their annual regional conferences. We have also partnered in order to run a number of national event series including BarPhilanthropy and 4Funds.

Schools Without Borders

DreamNow has partnered with Schools without Borders in order to provide outreach and support for the NeighbourhoodOne program and for the second stage of the occupation: change the world project.

Canadian Urban Transit Association

DreamNow has partnered with the Canadian Urban Transit Association in order to provide follow-up support for their Youth Summit on Sustainable Transportation in both 2006 and 2008.

United Way CITY Leaders Program

DreamNow is partnering with the United Way in order to provide the follow up and online support for their City Leaders program. This program builds the capacity of young non-profit workers in their twenties and thirties.

Diversecity Fellows

DreamNow has partnered with Diversecity Fellows in order to pilot a new type of career fair called Open Doors in early 2012.